Patrick Sephani

Patrick Sephani was born the youngest of four children in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1980

At the age of seven, Patrick began his primary education at Mwanandishe Primary school in Tafara from 1987 to 1993, Harare. In 1994, he continued his secondary education at Tafara High One School and graduated in 1997. During this time he was particularly focused on Sheet-Metal Work drawing and Design.

Patrick is a youngest brother of renowned Zimbabwean Sculptor, Jim Sephani.

Patrick started to sculpt in 1991 while attending school. He was sculpting small off-cuts at Tapfuma Gutsa’s home studio in Tafara, Harare.

His serious involvement begans in 1995 when he was invited by Agnes Nyanhongo and Joseph Munemo (famous and respected Zimbabwean sculptors to be an apprentice sculptor at their studio in Greendale, Harare. Patrick was greatly influenced in stone sculpting by Agnes, Joseph and his own brother Jim. Between 1991 and 2002 he worked with other popular stone sculptors Euwitt, Gedion, Wellington, Brian, Collen Nyanhongo,Dominic Benhura and other artists.

Patrick’s works are incredibly expressive of mood and emotion. He has the ability to make use of the natural and the spiritual elements of stones to create his works of art. Patrick’s work has been collected by private art collectors and gallery owners across the world, including Canada, USA, Netherlands, German, Belgium, and the UK.

In 2004 he married Tinashe and traveled to South Africa for five months where he was the sculptor in residence at Boschendal Winery Estate, Cape town. From 2005- 2007 he then starts traveling each year to the Netherlands, where he taught art, both practical and theoretical, for at least three months of each year.

Patrick was the ZIMSCULPT artist in residence for seven consecutive years (2008- 2014). He is also an art collector and has been collecting sculptures from different artists throughout Zimbabwe. He has been selling these pieces along with his own to art dealers and tourists.

Patrick and Tinashe made the decision to immigrate to Canada with their children. In July of 2015, Patrick, Tinashe and their three children, Munashe, Makanaka and Michelle made Canada their new home.

Patrick plans to continue his work as a Sculptor and create a business that offers work of art inspired by his homeland Zimbabwe.